Hedge Fund Accounting Software, A Very Important One to Improve

Published: 03rd June 2010
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Technology help hedge funds a lot and it is developed over the last 10 years. The last two years of asset growth around hedge funds industry gives the opportunity of software developments. One of the software that was made is Hedge Fund accounting software. This accounting software really helps Hedge Funds on monitoring the account of each investor. Many investors are now looking for good hedge fund account software that can aid them in their investments.

As Hedge Funds grow, the risk is growing also so they need to upgrade there software against hackers and viruses. Hedge Fund accounting software must be upgraded always to assure the investors that their investments will still be safe.

About 14 firms were marketing their way to fund and funds team so their features and functionality must be improved and updated regularly. According to Aite Group the features and functionality of technology platform of fund and funds has improved.

About last month, Investor Analytics launched their new platform to integrate risk analysis to aid single manager hedge funds. Rely on their advanced visualization techniques. Cogency and PerTrac, just like Investor Analytics, has quite long history in alternative investment community and PerTrac just celebrated their latest release of portfolio manager application which will help investors to create, monitor and then manage a multi-manager portfolio of alternative investments.

PerTrac Porftolio Manager developed in conjuction with Caliburn Capitals and tested with many funds of hedge funds in New York, London, and Geneva. PerTrac Portfolio manager help the PerTrac's Analytical Platform to receive complements which it has been used for investment analysis for performance reporting and asset allocation by funds of funds client for not less than 10 years. Hedge Fund accounting software is just an example of software that is needed to upgrade from time to time. Another software that is needed an upgrade from time to time is the CRM software for hedge funds. This software will help hedge funds in managing their investments and help making their work a bit easy.

CRM software for hedge funds will help lessen the risk that hedge funds has. It help in making hedge funds more stable and less hassle to manage. Two of the longstanding risk analysis of hedge funds is Riskdata and RiskMetrics which are expanding their business to serve the growing majority of investors which are investing in single-manager hedge funds. RiskMetrics' is more focus on the growing number of hedge funds. The way to collect date is via their latest platform called the Hedge Platform Community product.

Tremont Capital Management is already in the business for a long time in serving institutional investors. The largest barrier or challenge in investing in a fund of funds is to manage and put everything into place to capture the complexities of underlying hedge funds. Managing hedge funds manually is very hard so managers need help on software and technology to help ease the burden in managing it. Thanks to companies and people like Mark Santerom who develop technology to aid in managing hedge funds.

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